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The beautiful gear train of a skeleton clock movement glimpsed through a semicircular frame painted in blue galaxy urushi lacquer.

Despite having a modern quartz movement, this clock allows you to enjoy the beauty of a classical gear train reminiscent of a mechanical timepiece. The front dial is adorned with an intricate arabesque pattern, and the semicircular frame is painted with Echizen lacquer and blue galaxy urushi lacquer to create an elegant representation of the Milky Way glittering in the expanse of the night sky.

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A cubic design to lock away those special times.

The metal case with the sharp, radiant hairline finish and the beautifully beveled clarity of the glass create a tension within the cubic shape. An intellectually appealing object with a mechanism full of both a sense of fun and new discovery no matter what angle it is viewed from. Above the base set in black marble the movement seems suspended in mid-air, its shape exuding a mysterious feel and a fun-loving spirit.

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For a smartly decorated cool and modern interior.

Designed in the shape of a building. The beveled glass and mirror surfaces create captivating reflections changing constantly with the viewing angle, much like a kaleidoscope. The rotating ornament is an expression of the eternal flow of time, with the quartz skeleton clock movement's precision gears and wheel train always in motion and visible through the glass casing, reminiscent of the swirling within the Milky Way.

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